Wendover Ave. Church of Christ
811 W. Wendover Ave. Greensboro, NC    336-457-1095   wendovercoc@gmail.com

About our church

We are a non-denominational congregation.  We are a group of people trying to be more like Christ, and trying to follow the example set for us by the early church.

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, God-breathed, and perfect for instruction and correction (2nd Timothy 3:16-17).  

What is a Christian? A Christian is a follower/disciple of Christ.

How does a person become a Christian?

The Bible teaches that to become a Christian, a person must first believe/have faith (John 3:16), repent (Acts 2:38) confess (Romans 10:9-10) and be baptized (Romans 6:1-14; Acts 2:38).

The Bible teaches that we are saved by Grace through Faith and not from works (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Following the example of the early church we gather together on the first day of every week to partake In the Lords Supper, and to remember his life, death and resurrection, until he returns.  We also gather together to worship the Lord and encourage one another.   



The lot for the Wendover Avenue church building was purchased in 1948, not long after the Latham Park Manor Apartments next door were constructed.  The price is remembered to be about $5,000.  After church members cleared trees, undergrowth, and briars from the property, a 30 x 52 foot cement block building was erected as the first Church of Christ in Greensboro. A member donated seating  – wooden theater seats removed from his movie house.     Worship services began there on July 24, 1949. 

 The original site plan had the building facing Wendover Avenue, but the city building department would not approve the plan.  The main objection was that it would not provide the required parking spaces needed to meet building code.   

After the building was completed, it was decided to build a house on the church lot to serve as a “parsonage”.  That structure was sold to a Baptist church in the mid 1980s and relocated.

In 1957, a remodeling project was undertaken, adding a brick façade and the current art glass windows.   The theater seats were replaced with traditional pews.  Although some members wanted to install air conditioning and a steeple, the cost was prohibitive at that time.  The plans were to extend the building to the back of the lot, but again, the cost postponed the addition.

A second renovation around 1965 added the foyer and steeple, and air conditioning and heat were installed. The parking lot was paved a few years later.  

The church purchased the home next door to the property in the late 1970s and used it for housing, extra classroom space, and fellowships.  In 1993, it became, the Marilyn House, offering free temporary accommodations for families with loved ones in crisis situations at Cone Hospital.    

In 1994, our auditorium was enhanced with a mural behind the baptistery.  The baptistery itself was replaced in 2006.

In September 1996  Hurricane Fran came through Greensboro, and the wind took down utility lines at the corner of Wendover and Hill Street.  A crew made a temporary repair.  In October, the temporary repair failed and a live line struck the metal railing at the front of the church, setting fire to the building.  Amazingly, there was a fire truck waiting at the corner for the light to change when the accident happened, and behind the truck was a former church member who called the news to our congregation.   Our unexpected repairs and renovation took about 3 months.  The steeple, which was damaged in the fire, was not replaced.

Except for during the renovations in 1957 and 1996, the church has met continually at the building since 1949.  Our auditorium can seat about 200.  There are four classrooms and a church office on the lower level.

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